• home improvement polished concrete floor

    Home Improvement Center

  • auto care store polished concrete floor

    Auto Care Store

  • supermarket polished concrete floor

    Supermarket - Wine and Prepared Foods Section

  • office polished concrete floor

    Office Building

  • grocery store polished concrete floor

    Grocery Store - Canned Goods Aisle

  • grocery store polished concrete floor

    Grocery Store - White Integral Stained Concrete - Bread Aisle

  • bottling facility polished concrete floor

    Bottling Facility

  • pet store polished concrete floor

    Pet Store

  • university polished concrete floor

    University Lecture Hall

Polished Concrete

Diama-Shield polishes more square feet of concrete than any other contractor in North America. The secret to Diama-Shield's success is: (1) its unwavering commitment high quality work, (2) tireless attention to detail and (3) unmatched customer service at a fair price. Polished concrete is the smart choice for commercial and industrial flooring and Diama-Shield is the best in the business.

Diama-Shield Difference

diama-shield worker polishing concrete floor - warehouse store

Diama-Shield is distinguished from other concrete polishers by the quality of its work, its national reach and its ability to provide creative solutions to dynamic projects.


Features & Benefits

diama-shield polished concrete - daily cleaning with autoscrubber

Polished concrete’s many advantages include its bright, attractive appearance, ease of maintenance, strength, durability, economical installation cost, low life cycle cost, sustainability, increased ambient light reflectivity and positive image it portrays to customers.